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Gabriel Fauré

  • Two Pieces
  • 1. Cantique de Jean Racine
  • 2. Pavane
Cantique de Jean Racine
Written by the composer when he was nineteen years old


The rhythm of Fauré’s Pavane is based on a slow processional Spanish court dance of the same name. Fauré dedicated this piece to his patron Elisabeth comtesse Greffulhe an inspiration for the duchesse de Guermantes in Marcel Proust’s novel À la recherche du temps perdu. The lyrics were written by Robert de Montesquiou who inspired the character Baron de Charlus in the same novel. One can hear the same elegant pacing in Maurice Ravel’s Pavane.

Pavane by Fauré: English Translation of Lyrics

It’s Lindor! It’s Tircis! and all our vanquishers!
It’s Myrtil! It’s Lydia! The queens of our hearts!
How they provoke us! How they are always so proud!
How they dare to control our destinies and our days!
Pay attention! Observe the beat!
O the mortal injury! The cadence is slower!
The fall more certain! We shall beat back their cackles!
We will soon be their stooges!
They are so ugly! Such darling little faces!
They are so foolish! (Such coquettish airs!)

And it’s always the same, and so it shall always be!
We love them! We hate them! We speak ill of their loves!
Farewell, Myrtil! Egle! Chloe! mocking demons!
So it is farewell and good day to the tyrants of our hearts!
And good day!