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Pacific Wild Seafood Ltd #1

The client a Hong Kong-based importer and distributor of sustainable seafood required a print promotion for Sockeye and Chinook sashimi. Her target market is five-star Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong. She requested a simple, elegant design, in a Japanese style, with short concise wording. She was very pleased with the result.
Front A
Front B
red scale pattern
Back #1 : Red Scale Pattern
ivory scale pattern
Back #2 : Ivory Scale Pattern

Pacific Wild Seafood Ltd #2
Product Sheet

2015-product line

2015 product line


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Reel Causes is a film society that raises funds for charitable causes. The banners were created for a slideshow in the header of the Reel Causes website. The venue for the film society has since moved from the Vancouver International Film Festival Theatre to the SFU downtown campus Goldcorp Centre for the Performing Arts.

Four Elements Combined to Create a Unique Image

Alfredo’s Dance


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